98% of New Hampshire House Democrats voted in support of HB397, a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain NH drivers’ licenses.

HB 397-FN, relative to drivers’ licenses for New Hampshire residents who do not possess a social security card.
House Roll Call Vote 140, Motion: Ought to Pass with Amendment
97.60% of House Democrats voted for Ought to Pass with Amendment
99.3% of House Republicans opposed Ought to Pass with Amendment

A vote for Ought to Pass with Amendment is a vote in favor of giving Drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. This bill would allow people here illegally to receive a license with a combination of a foreign passport, an expired alien registration card, or “Any other documentation issued by the government of the applicant’s country of birth.” A person here illegally could theoretically present their foreign passport and an arrest warrant from their home country in lieu of a social security card and then receive a Drivers’ license. Due to the high potential of fraud, the New Hampshire Department of Transportation strongly opposes this bill. Concerns were also raised that given New Hampshire’s current laws, allowing illegal immigrants to receive a Drivers’ License could it make it easier for them to participate in several other things, like voting in our elections.

To see how your representative voted, find them in the list below. A vote of “yea” indicates support for the bill to become law.


Name Party Count District (140) HB397- OTPA
Abbott, Michael D. D Cheshire 1 yea
Abel, Richard M. D Grafton 13 yea
Adjutant, Joshua D Grafton 17 yea
Almy, Susan W. D Grafton 13 yea
Altschiller, Debra D Rockingham 19 yea
Ames, Richard D Cheshire 9 yea
Backus, Robert A. D Hillsborough 19 yea
Balch, Chris D Hillsborough 38 yea
Baroody, Benjamin C. D Hillsborough 43 not voting/not excused
Bartlett, Christy D. D Merrimack 19 yea
Beaulieu, Jane E. D Hillsborough 45 yea
Berch, Paul S. D Cheshire 1 yea
Bergeron, Paul R. D Hillsborough 29 yea
Bernet, Jennifer D Hillsborough 4 not voting/excused
Berrien, Skip D Rockingham 18 yea
Bixby, Peter W. D Strafford 17 yea
Bordenet, John D Cheshire 5 yea
Bordy, William E. D Hillsborough 28 yea
Bosman, James B. D Hillsborough 38 yea
Bouchard, Donald J. D Hillsborough 11 yea
Bouldin, Amanda C. D Hillsborough 12 yea
Bouldin, Andrew J. D Hillsborough 12 yea
Buchanan, Ryan T. D Merrimack 15 not voting/excused
Buco, Thomas L. D Carroll 2 yea
Bunker, Lisa H. D Rockingham 18 yea
Burroughs, Anita D. D Carroll 1 yea
Bushway, Patricia J. D Rockingham 21 yea
Butler, Edward A. D Carroll 7 yea
Cahill, Michael D. D Rockingham 17 yea
Cali-Pitts, Jacqueline A. D Rockingham 30 nay
Campion, Polly Kent D Grafton 12 yea
Cannon, Gerri D. D Strafford 18 yea
Carson, Clyde J. D Merrimack 7 yea
Chase, Wendy D Strafford 18 yea
Chretien, Jacqueline H. D Hillsborough 42 not voting/not excused
Cleaver, Skip J. D Hillsborough 35 yea
Cloutier, John R. D Sullivan 10 yea
Cohen, Bruce L. D Hillsborough 28 yea
Conley, Casey M. D Strafford 13 yea
Connors, Erika F. D Hillsborough 15 yea
Cornell, Patricia D Hillsborough 18 yea
Cote, David E. d Hillsborough 31 not voting/excused
Coursin, David R. D Rockingham 1 yea
Cushing, Robert Renny d Rockingham 21 yea
Dargie, Paul P. D Hillsborough 23 yea
Davis, Fred E. D Hillsborough 31 yea
Desjardin, Kathy J. D Hillsborough 13 yea
DesMarais, Edith M. D Carroll 6 yea
Diggs, Francesca G. D Grafton 16 yea
DiLorenzo, Charlotte I. D Rockingham 17 yea
DiSilvestro, Linda A. D Hillsborough 9 yea
Doherty, David B. D Merrimack 20 not voting/excused
Dontonville, Roger W. D Grafton 10 yea
Dutzy, Sherry D Hillsborough 30 not voting/excused
Eaton, Daniel A. D Cheshire 3 yea
Ebel, Karen E. D Merrimack 5 yea
Edgar, Michael A. D Rockingham 21 yea
Egan, Timothy T. D Grafton 2 yea
Eisner, Mary A. D Rockingham 6 yea
Ellis, Donna R. D Strafford 8 not voting/excused
Ellison, Arthur S. D Merrimack 27 yea
Espitia, Manny D Hillsborough 31 yea
Fargo, Kristina M. D Strafford 14 not voting/excused
Faulkner, Barry D Cheshire 12 yea
Fellows, Sallie D. D Grafton 8 yea
Fenton, Donovan W. D Cheshire 8 yea
Fontneau, Timothy J. D Strafford 7 nay
Ford, Susan M. D Grafton 3 yea
Fox, Samantha L. D Merrimack 23 yea
Freitas, Mary C. D Hillsborough 14 yea
French, Elaine H. D Grafton 14 not voting/excused
Frost, Sherry A. D Strafford 16 yea
Fulweiler, Joyce M. D Merrimack 3 yea
Gidge, Kenneth N. D Hillsborough 33 not voting/excused
Gilman, Julie D. D Rockingham 18 yea
Goley, Jeffrey P. D Hillsborough 8 yea
Gomarlo, Jennie R. D Cheshire 12 yea
Gourgue, Amanda L. D Strafford 25 yea
Grassie, Chuck W. D Strafford 11 yea
Griffith, Willis T. D Hillsborough 18 yea
Grossman, Gaby D Rockingham 18 yea
Grote, Jaci L. D Rockingham 24 yea
Hall, Brett R. D Hillsborough 26 yea
Hamer, Heidi M. D Hillsborough 17 yea
Harriott-Gathright, Linda C. D Hillsborough 36 yea
Harvey, Cathryn A. D Cheshire 1 yea
Hatch, William A. D Coos 6 yea
Heath, Mary D Hillsborough 14 yea
Herbert, Christopher J. D Hillsborough 43 not voting/excused
Higgins, Peg D Strafford 22 yea
Horrigan, Timothy O. D Strafford 6 yea
Huot, David O. D Belknap 3 yea
Indruk, Greg L. D Hillsborough 34 yea
Jack, Martin L. D Hillsborough 36 yea
Jeudy, Jean L. D Hillsborough 10 yea
Josephson, Timothy D Grafton 11 yea
Kanzler, Harrison D Carroll 2 yea
Karrick, David B. D Merrimack 25 yea
Keans, Sandra B. D Strafford 23 yea
Kenney, Cam E. D Strafford 6 yea
King, Mark R. D Hillsborough 33 yea
Klee, Patricia S. D Hillsborough 30 yea
Klein-Knight, Nicole D Hillsborough 11 yea
Knirk, Jerry L. D Carroll 3 yea
Komi, Richard N. d Hillsborough 43 not voting/not excused
Laflamme, Larry L. D Coos 3 yea
Lane, Connie B. D Merrimack 12 yea
Langley, Diane M. D Hillsborough 8 yea
Le, Tamara N. D Rockingham 31 yea
Leishman, Peter R. D Hillsborough 24 yea
Levesque, Cassandra N. D Strafford 4 yea
Ley, Douglas A. D Cheshire 9 yea
Long, Patrick T. D Hillsborough 10 yea
Loughman, Tom J. D Rockingham 21 yea
Lovejoy, Patricia T. D Rockingham 36 yea
Luneau, David J. D Merrimack 10 yea
MacKay, James R. D Merrimack 14 yea
Maes, Kevin G. D Grafton 6 yea
Maggiore, Jim V. D Rockingham 22 yea
Malloy, Dennis J. D Rockingham 23 yea
Mangipudi, Latha D. D Hillsborough 35 yea
Mann, John E. D Cheshire 2 yea
Martin, Joelle D Hillsborough 23 yea
Massimilla, Linda A. D Grafton 1 yea
McBeath, Rebecca Susan D Rockingham 26 yea
McConnell, Liz A. D Rockingham 11 yea
McGhee, Kat D Hillsborough 40 yea
McWilliams, Rebecca J. D Merrimack 27 yea
Meader, David R. D Cheshire 6 yea
Merchant, Gary D Sullivan 4 yea
Meuse, David D Rockingham 29 yea
Moffett, Howard M. D Merrimack 9 yea
Mombourquette, Donna M. D Hillsborough 5 yea
Morrill, David J. D Cheshire 4 yea
Moynihan, Wayne T. D Coos 2 yea
Mullen, Sue M. D Hillsborough 7 yea
Mulligan, Mary Jane D Grafton 12 yea
Murphy, Nancy A. D Hillsborough 21 yea
Murray, Kate R. D Rockingham 24 yea
Murray, Megan A. D Hillsborough 22 yea
Muscatel, Garrett D. D Grafton 12 yea
Myler, Mel D Merrimack 10 yea
Newman, Ray E. D Hillsborough 29 yea
Newman, Sue A. D Hillsborough 29 yea
Noel, Henry W. D Coos 3 yea
Nordgren, Sharon L. D Grafton 12 yea
Nutter-Upham, Frances E. D Hillsborough 33 not voting/not excused
Nutting-Wong, Allison R. D Hillsborough 32 yea
O’Brien, Michael B. D Hillsborough 36 yea
O’Hearne, Andrew S. D Sullivan 3 yea
Opderbecke, Linn D Strafford 15 yea
Osborne, Richard G. D Grafton 7 yea
Oxenham, Lee Walker D Sullivan 1 yea
Pantelakos, Laura C. D Rockingham 25 not voting/excused
Parkhurst, Henry A. L. D Cheshire 13 nay
Pearson, William A. D Cheshire 16 not voting/not excused
Pedersen, Michael P. D Hillsborough 32 yea
Petrigno, Peter D Hillsborough 23 yea
Pickering, Daniel R. D Hillsborough 3 yea
Piedra, Israel F. D Hillsborough 9 yea
Pimentel, Roderick L. D Merrimack 6 yea
Porter, Marjorie A. D Hillsborough 1 yea
Query, Joshua F. D Hillsborough 16 yea
Radhakrishnan, Julie D Hillsborough 22 yea
Read, Ellen D. D Rockingham 17 yea
Rich, Cecilia D Strafford 18 yea
Richards, Beth S. D Merrimack 13 yea
Riel, Cole J. D Hillsborough 6 yea
Rodd, Beth D Merrimack 6 yea
Rogers, Katherine D. D Merrimack 28 yea
Rung, Rosemarie D Hillsborough 21 yea
Ruprecht, Dennis M. D Grafton 15 yea
Salloway, Jeffrey C. D Strafford 5 not voting/excused
Sandler, Catt D Strafford 21 yea
Saunderson, George L. D Merrimack 9 yea
Schamberg, Thomas C. D Merrimack 4 not voting/excused
Schapiro, Joe D Cheshire 16 yea
Schmidt, Janice E. D Hillsborough 28 yea
Schmidt, Peter B. D Strafford 19 yea
Schuett, Dianne E. D Merrimack 20 not voting/excused
Schultz, Kristina M. D Merrimack 18 yea
Shaw, Barbara E. D Hillsborough 16 yea
Shurtleff, Steve J. D Merrimack 11 Presiding
Smith, Marjorie K. D Strafford 6 yea
Smith, Suzanne J. D Grafton 8 yea
Smith, Timothy J. D Hillsborough 17 not voting/excused
Snow, Kendall A. D Hillsborough 19 not voting/not excused
Sofikitis, Catherine M. D Hillsborough 34 yea
Somssich, Peter F. D Rockingham 27 nay
Soucy, Timothy A. D Merrimack 16 yea
Southworth, Thomas L. D Strafford 20 yea
Spang, Judith T. D Strafford 6 not voting/not excused
St. Clair, Charlie G. D Belknap 9 yea
St. John, Michelle D Hillsborough 27 yea
Stack, Kathryn D Hillsborough 21 yea
Stavis, Laurel D Grafton 13 yea
Stevens, Deb D Hillsborough 34 yea
Stringham, Jerry M. D Grafton 5 yea
Sullivan, Brian M. D Sullivan 1 yea
Swinburne, Sandy L. D Cheshire 10 yea
Sykes, George E. D Grafton 13 yea
Tanner, Linda L. d Sullivan 9 yea
Tatro, Bruce L. D Cheshire 15 yea
Telerski, Laura D. D Hillsborough 35 yea
Thomas, Wendy E.N. D Hillsborough 21 yea
Thomas, Yvonne D. D Coos 3 yea
Thompson, Craig R. D Cheshire 14 yea
Ticehurst, Susan J. D Carroll 3 yea
Toomey, Dan D Hillsborough 32 not voting/excused
Towne, Matthew D. D Strafford 4 yea
Treleaven, Susan GS D Strafford 17 yea
Tucker, Edith M. D Coos 5 yea
Turcotte, Alan J. D Merrimack 22 nay
Vail, Suzanne M. D Hillsborough 30 yea
Vallone, Mark D Rockingham 9 yea
Van Houten, Constance D Hillsborough 45 yea
Vann, Ivy C. D Hillsborough 24 yea
Vincent, Kenneth S. D Strafford 17 not voting/excused
Von Plinsky, Sparky D Cheshire 7 yea
Wall, Janet G. D Strafford 6 yea
Wallner, Mary Jane D Merrimack 10 yea
Walz, Mary Beth D Merrimack 23 yea
Ward, Gerald W.R. D Rockingham 28 yea
Warner, Anne L. D Rockingham 5 yea
Wazir, Safiya D Merrimack 17 yea
Weber, Lucy M. D Cheshire 1 yea
Wells, Kenneth D. D Merrimack 1 yea
Weston, Joyce D Grafton 8 yea
Wilhelm, Matthew B. D Hillsborough 42 yea
Williams, Kermit R. D Hillsborough 4 yea
Woodbury, David D Hillsborough 5 yea
Woodcock, Stephen L. D Carroll 2 yea
Woods, Gary L. D Merrimack 23 yea