Concord – House Republican Leader, and chairman of the Committee to Elect House Republicans, Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack), issued a statement after results from the primary election in Rockingham District 9, the town of Epping, were announced. 

“Republicans were fortunate to have two very qualified candidates and I thank them both for stepping forward to run and serve. Both my committee and the Republican Party are committed to ensuring our nominee, Michael Vose, is elected to the House once again, and serve as one more vote against the extreme agenda being put forward by the Democrat majorities in Concord.”

“Democrats have proven their inability to lead or build bipartisan consensus by passing an income tax three separate times, passing hundreds of millions of increased taxes on job creators, and increasing regulations that will harm our economy and raise energy costs. Naomi Andrews will only be a rubber stamp for these initiatives and we will make sure the voters of Epping are fully informed why we just can’t afford another Democrat in Concord.”

“Mike has demonstrated that he has the experience and policy expertise to be a strong voice in Concord for the people of Epping and for taxpayers. He served as an assistant majority leader just last term, and is a well respected, thoughtful person who I look forward to serving with again.”

The winner of the special election in Rockingham District 9 will replace former Rep. Sean Morrison who resigned earlier this year.